201109 Thailand

In the beginning, there was Dan. Dan begat Laziness. He looked on his laziness and decided it was good.  Laziness begat Beard. Dan smiled on his beard and decreed it was good. Beard begat Awesome Beard. Dan stood in awe of what his beard had become. It was now ready to see the world.

The is no pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin, greater than the first brew.

Or a bro to share it with.

Airport naps are an essential survival skill for long term traveling.

Textbook positioning.
Next to the air conditioner, facing the gate, blocking traffic so they HAVE to wake you up when the time comes.

In the air again…

Picked up a chaperone in Bangkok. Someone had to keep an eye on us.

Immediately went to the first place we promised we wouldn’t go.

Drunk + Rock = Bad…but we love this guy!

Ronny’s hat is our version of the gnome from Amelie. He takes it everywhere. But never seems to be wearing it.

My SF application photo at the laser gun range.

A beard of this magnitude requires massive sustenance. I swear I heard them scream “Godzilla” on my way in.

I promise I waited 30 minutes.

Knockin em off the list in a hurry. Sushi…Check….Swim…Check….What ever shall we do next?

The beard proved to be too much for friends and family. Children were made to cry. Women were overwhelmed with manliness. Most of all, my mask wouldn’t fit. So in the end. SCUBA over Beard. *tear*

First down to a Captain Morgan…perhaps The Colonel?

Magnum P.I. / 70’s Porn Star.

Seig Heil!

Silky smooth. Ready for first dives in the morning.

We had the big live aboard planned for a few days into the trip just in case of complication. As there were none we were left with a big gap and WAY too tempting an offer for a day trip. We got to play students for  Sharkey’s latest divemaster trainee. Being the worst possible scenario for any fledgling DM, we were idealy suited for his conditioning runs.

The viz wasn’t the best but the life was abundant.

I really don’t know if its my spotting skill or a shift in the life of the area but there were several hermit crabs this time around and I can’t recall every seeing a single one previously.

The problem with diving with Oui is that she is looking for things like this. What is it you say? I haven’t the foggiest. There may be something in there but I am unable to find it. Lets just call it a great exactly of the amazing web of life that attaches to anything in the water. Including the forest which has taken over this mooring line.

So hard to look natural with a mask on.

At least I didn’t try to smile again…

Our Divemaster for the Day.


It isn’t a Sharkey dive without a Nudibranch. I’m fairly certain its a requirement for the DM course.

The “point” in Shark Point.

We made it. Good score for him.

I am beginning to enjoy the tiny stuff. There is some sort of weird thrill out of finding them. You know they are everywhere but spotting one is still difficult. Point in case, this tiny crab.

While I was out for the day. Nam scouted the island. Apparently there are things to do here that don’t require a boat or special breathing equipment. Who knew?

But seriously, I think she did more in the one day I was away then either of us have managed in the years of coming here.

So we set off to hit the Big buddha. I believe I had a photo of it from the bay on the way out to dive many moons ago. It’s viewable from basically anywhere perched atop the closest thing to a mountain on the island.

We found a nifty little coffee/snack shot about halfway up the mountain.

A beautiful view of the southern coast to sip and converse with.

Or argue in our case. For the record….Ronny started it.

I’m so hot and hung over I really tried to pull off the smile and failed miserably.

These pallets contain the tiles you can purchase and write your name on which are to be used on the surface of the Buddha. I’m not counting or anything but I’m fairly certain they had it covered a while ago. The Buddha has been under construction for YEARS now. We saw 2 people and what looked like a playskool child’s beach set worth of tools. Someone is making money.

The view from the top.

The unfinished inside. The stairs lead to what will be a photo-op in buddha’s lap that should be available sometime next century,.

So we had to take out shots from the ground. With all the lovely scaffolding.

Being a Religious monument…Nam as required to cover up. So Ronny taught her the full Iraqi ninja method.

There really weren’t THAT many stairs.

After a long…hot…hungover day outside. There are few things better than a nap…facial….at the mall.

The next morning I couldn’t resist another trip out.

Worked out well. I got to cheat a bit and listen in on what will hopefully be my course soon.

The next day we all went out for some more fun with Oui.  Another recent DM grad and his new diver girlfriend joined us.

Go ahead…try snapping.

I think your tank had a leak on that last dive…

One of the craziest dives I’ve ever been on…I don’t know the measurement but the current was basically just blowing us around these rocks and we attempted to circle back and forth around them.

Everyone was waving off this rock face like a bunch of flags but still trying not to touch anything.

Every day above ground is a good one….better if most of it is spent under water.

Tired of the crowded and boring buses to the pier we decided to rent our own and ride to the boat in style. Two hours passes better with friends and Singhas. We arrived late that night, boarded, and continued the party. Dinner on the boat and a chance to meet what will be your neighbors and dive buddies for the next few days. A pleasant cruise out to the Similans while you sleep.

Commercial anyone?

Ronny’s in trouble.

Poppa and Abbie out for a swim.



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